Re: Nvda, Total Commander and its' panels



I am glad, when Nvda anounces the panels in Total Commander at least 32 bit.

I don't use the ftp server.

In a fact Total Commander suits for me better than Free Commander.


Dne 18-05-2019 v 22:18 Mallard napsal(a):

Ah... Great. I've always used a 32-bit version, even on a 64-bit machine, because it works better with my ftp. That's why I'd always had the panels announced.

Great job the add-on, thanks.



Il 18/05/2019 21:13, Ralf Kefferpuetz ha scritto:

The 32bit version does annonce it the 64bit version not.

That’s what my addon is for….

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This has evidently already been tried as the message says that the tab key doesn't report panels.  So if it works in your case, perhaps some difference in settings may be found by comparison. I don't use the program so I can't discuss anything except the possibility that maximizing the program may solve the problem if it isn't maximized.  If it is maximized, try normalizing it. Aside from that, perhaps a comparison of settings in the program might help.

Also, it might be useful to test the program with a JAWS demo on the machine where panels aren't being announced.

I just thought of one other possibility but I have no idea if it could make a difference.  You might try changing the screen resolution.  Comparing the current resolutions between the two computers might be a good idea before experimenting.


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Total Commander does indeed announce the panels, but you don't hhhave to
press anything otherthan tab, to move between one panel and the other.

I've used it for about 20 years or more now, with Jaws first and, since
2009, with NVDA.

The good thing, compared to Free Commander, is that it announces panels,
amongst otherthings.

Try simply tabbing, and let me know whether it works for you.



Il 18/05/2019 18:19, Jarek.Krcmar ha scritto:
Greetings to all
I have both Free Commander and Total Commander installed on my
I thought Nvda would announce the panels at Total Commander, but it
When I press Nvda + T, only the Total Commander window is reported.
The Tab key does not report panels.
So I want to ask if any of you are using Total Commander, and whether
it will ever be implemented into Nvda by announcing panels in Total

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