Re: NVDA will not recognize my registered Eloquence



           I have merged this topic back into your original one asking about the same issue.  Please, in the future, do not introduce new subject lines when talking about the same issue.  It breaks the topic threading both in e-mail clients and in the archive, making it more difficult for future searchers to find an entire conversation under a single topic, which is what's far preferable to split across topics.

           It is still entirely unclear exactly what is giving you the error message (that is, is it NVDA, Eloquence, Windows) and that's essential to know.   If it's not NVDA you will likely have to contact the vendor, though someone may be able to offer something more based on earlier similar experience.

           Unless this error message is coming from NVDA itself, and that seems doubtful, others have given you the correct advice:  this needs to be taken up with the technical support folks of the product giving the error message.  It's not an NVDA problem (or at least very unlikely to be one) if the genesis of the message is not NVDA.


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