Re: NVDA and MSWord Tutorials?

Ed Marquette

You have asked several questions. As for tutorials on MS Word, the NV Access productivity package is excellent. The package bundles several Microsoft Office products, but I am sure you can buy them separately.
I recommend, at least, basic NVDA and NVDA for Microsoft Word. It certainly highlights NVDA, but it also illustrat4es a great deal about the use of MS Word.
As for checking your formatting, you can set NVDA to tell you things like color, style, attributes, spacing, indentation, and so on.
You should have no excuse for poorly formatted documents.
As for track changes and grammar checking, control plus shift plus E turns on and off the function. It lets you hear what has been added and deleted. You can jump from revision to revision, accept or reject, or edit. Check out the “Review” tab on the top of the menu.
NVDA does a brilliant job of reporting track changes.
As for grammar, you should really learn for yourself. Word has a grammar checker, and you can turn it on so that it reports “grammar errors” as you type (not recommended) or as you run the spell checker (F7).
The Word grammar check is really very basic and not very good. For instance, it misses Oxford Comma omissions, possessives with plural nouns, and split infinitives. Those are just a few. Still, the grammar checker will catch the most outrageous mistakes though it sometimes flags errors that are not errors.
Again, the best thing you can do is to buy those tutorials from NV Access. They are EXCELLENT!

On May 21, 2019, at 4:20 AM, David Russell <david.sonofhashem@...> wrote:

Hello NVDA Group,

As some of you know, one of my avocations is that I am a short story
writer. I am learning equally as much about writing as mechanics being
totally blind from infancy.
Jarte and MS Word 2013 are my primary processing programs. My
volunteer editors are sighted, and bring up something that evades my
understanding: the need to format something I send before they can
Hence, my questions are these:
1. Recommended tutorials for MS Word and maybe even something called
MS Track Changes?
2. How can I use NVDA to set my MS Word program to alert me of
grammar issues when writing?

This may be a lot but hope you can see the pattern and perhaps respond
accordingly; big thanks!

David Russell

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