Re: Copying Text in Original Format With NVDA

Ed Marquette

I too have had the problem reported with the NVDA Key + F9 and NVDA Key + F10.  When I paste the results, I get one letter.  It doesn’t always happen, but it usually does. 
That just means I have to copy and paste the old-fashioned way, highlighting text using windows or application specific commands.  The problem isn’t in the copying; it is in the selecting of the text.  Of course, using old-fashioned Windows commands, one can highlight simply by holding the shift key and moving the system cursor by word, by line, by paragraph, to the end of the line, to the beginning of the line, or to the beginning or end of the respective documents (with control + home or control + end), and then using control + c or control + x (to cut).
The bigger trick, then, is not to carry the formatting with you in the paste.  Control + v will carry the source document’s formatting with it. 
A little-known trick is to paste into Word or Outlook using, not control + v, but instead, control + alt + v.  That brings up a menu allowing one to retain the formatting, paste as html, or as plain text.  I almost always opt for plain text because I want the pasted text to take on the characteristics of the target document, not the source document.
While on the subject of selecting text, in Microsoft word (all the way back to Word 2003), tapping f8 once turns on selection.  Tapping a second time selects the nearest word.  Tapping a third time highlights the nearest sentence (or the paragraph if there is only one sentence in the paragraph), and finally, a 4th tap will select the paragraph.  One may also use f8 like the NVDA Key + F9.  The f8 turns on the selector.  Just move to the end of the desired selection and press control + c to copy.
So, there are lots of options.  One place where the NVDA + F9 function seems to work is when in one of the review modes, and not using the system cursor.
By the way, while on the topic of copying, in Microsoft Word and Microsoft Outlook, one may copy a paragraph’s formatting (and none of the text) with control + shift + C.  Then paste that formatting with control + shift+ v.

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Thanks. At least we have, for the time being, the option of selecting all the text on a page and editing it. It's definitely better than nothing at all.

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