Re: Selecting a block of text.

Ali Colak

Fixing the system caret did it for me.
Thanks Chris and Quentin!

On 5/22/19, Gene <> wrote:
Its on by default. If it wasn't on, you'd know it. Using screen review
commands like numpad 8 for read current navigator position wouldn't be where
you are when editing a document. You probably wouldn't even be in the same
window. It can be found in what I believe is still called review cursor
settings but I don't know how you get to that item in the new interface.

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From: zahra
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Subject: Re: [nvda] Selecting a block of text.

where is caret move cursor in preferences?
how can i know whether its activated for me or not?

On 5/22/19, Chris Mullins <> wrote:

I have done some testing and if you set “Caret moves review cursor” (NVDA
6 on number row), to ON, the copy using review cursor feature works, if
is set to off, it just copies the last character selected to the



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Hi Ali,

Firstly, just to confirm that you are familiar with the current behaviour
selecting with the review cursor - NVDA+F9 to mark the start of the
move to the end of the block and NVDA+F10 once to select the block or
NVDA+F10 twice quickly to select and copy it. If you use the review
to select and then press control+c to copy for instance, it may not work
depending on whether it is possible to select text with the conventional
text cursor. If you press NVDA+f10 once and NVDA reports "Cannot select
text, press twice to copy", then you will need to copy by pressing
twice quickly.

It might be worth restarting NVDA with add-ons disabled, just to ensure
there are no add-ons playing up. Press NVDA+Q then down arrow to
with add-ons disabled" and press ENTER to restart, then try again.

Otherwise, if you set the log to debug (in the general settings with
NVDA+control+g then tab to the log level, down arrow to select debug and
enter to close), repeat the actions and then copy the log to an email to
I can have a look at exactly what is going on.

Kind regards


On Wed, May 22, 2019 at 9:45 AM Ali Colak <> wrote:

Hello everyone,
For a while now, I have been having problems with the select a block
of text function on nvda.
When I place the start marker by pressing nvda f9 everything is fine,
the start marker is announced. When I go to the end of the block to
press nvda f10, the curser winds back to the beginning and only
selects and places in the clipboard the first letter of the section. I
have tried this on various browsers and the same result each time and
with different types of content. I have been having this problem for a
while now and am currently using 2019.1.1. I was hoping that
installing the clip contents designer would solve the problem, but
something similar seems to happen.

help would be appreciated.


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