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Aine Kelly Costello

Thanks everyone for your comments.

To be clear, my intention in posing this question was not to suggest that NVDA is a poor choice of screenreader, or to davalue it in comparison to JAWS. It was simply to get to the heart of the fact that different screenreaders have their pros and cons, and while I’ll definitely download and have NVDA for use regardless of if I buy JAWS, the financial question to sort out is whether to get JAWS, if that makes sense. That’s why I posed the question looking one-sided haha.

Again, I appreciate your input:)


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Hi I can confirm this. It’s best to have 2 screan readers on yor system.  Should one not work with whatever it is you are doing. Then the other will work.
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Hello Aine, hello list, 
I am not able to give you an objective view here, just my experiences. 
Coming from a Mac/Unix environment myself I would say NVDA does a good job with standard office applications. Of course, if you want to play it safe and you have the financial possibilities, update your Jaws to the newest version before starting your studies. After all, you never know if you will encounter a software that doesn’t work with NvDA and works with Jaws. Personally, I subscribe to the view that it’s always good to have more than one screen reader installed just in case something is not as accessible as you would like it.
As to your original question though, if you are pretty sure that you will be using standard software and you are considering if you really need Jaws to survive in the computer age, my personal answer is no. 
Hope that helps … 
Thanks and kind regards,


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