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Ups, apologies for the general posting ... I just meant this to go to Ollie,


On 2019-05-23 8:20 a.m., Sile via Groups.Io wrote:
Hello Olie

Just noticing this thread.  Would you be willing to participate in the little EPub survey we are running right now?  It is an attempt to feed back to publishers how people are working with EPubs and this would be really valuable input.

Here is the link to the survey. <

If you have time to complete it (I think it takes about 3 minutes) we would really appreciate your input.



On 2019-03-09 3:08 p.m., Mallard wrote:
Hello Travis,

Given that this is an excellent solution, if someone doesn't want to go down that road, I think the best way to read epubs right now is with Edge.

At the top of the page you have two buttons, for Previous page and Next page.

When you finish one page, all you haveto do is to press Shift+B and click on Next page.

If the epub is an original, not converted from other formats, Edge maintains all its links, and ou can navigate it very easili.

Actually, I've had books that maintained their links even when converted from other formats. I don't know what makes Edge decide which ones to keep and which ones to drop...



Il 09/03/2019 18:15, Travis Siegel ha scritto:
Just for reference, an epub file is just a normal zip file with html files inside.  All you need to do to read it is unzip it into the directory of your choice, then locate the html files inside the directory structure, and simply open them with your browser. In my personal opinion, that's way easier than the shoddy support that pdf files have on the pc.

Of course, this won't work with DRM protected epubs, but otherwise, it works like a charm, and this is the way I read all of my epub books.

Mostly because I haven't found a decent epub reader, but even if I did, I'd probably keep using this format anyhow, just because it's what I'm used to.

On 3/8/2019 9:15 AM, ADRIAN POCOCK wrote:

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