locked Issues With Google Drive

Ibrahim Ajayi

Hi good people:
This is not an issue with NVDA. It is one with google drive, which I
believe some members of this group use.
The problem I have with the program is that when I launch it, it
doesn't open on my computer.
I've downloaded the latest version of the program several times, using
different browsers, particularly the latest Google Chrome data.
When I launch the app, I hear task bar and that is all. Now when I
finish doing other things, and I am shutting down the computer, that
is when I hear "welcome to backup and sync not responding:"
I just don't understand what this problem is all about, and why the
program cannot just open.
What can I do about this problem.
I use Windows 7 32Bit.
The problem is not with the browser, because I've tried it out on
different browsers.
And it is also not with my antivirus program because I use Microsoft
security essential, which has it's firewall turned off.
I don't want to believe that this problem is peculiar to me alone.
Hope to read a response.
From Ibrahim.

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