Re: brousers that speak the progress bars when downloading


yes. i use firefox and i press control+j to bring the library.
in this case, the focus is on the current download.
if you want to pause the download, you can press application ke and
use up and down in the arrow keys.
if you want to stop the download, you should first pause it and then
cancel the download.
you can resume the broken download with application and then the arrow keys.
its retry botton which is added to the firefox 33 and later.
hope thats help.
thanks and God bless you.

On 7/10/16, Gene New Zealand <> wrote:

If the download manager is used I think it is in internet explorer, mozilla
fire fox google play and maybe more when you start downloading the files you
can use the CTRL key + the letter J to bring up your downloads. You might
have to tab around or in some cases where the files are up up and down to
see what each file is up to. So i do not hear them all at times I will just
turn off the progress bars thingy in NVDA with the nvda key + the letter U.

The download manager can usually be found under the tools section in the

hope this helps.

Gene nz

On 10/07/2016 5:04 AM,<> wrote:

I am looking for a brouser that nvda will speak the progress bar when I
down load I use to use webie but today it no longer works even after I
uninstalled and reinstalled it. I really want to hear the progress bar when
I download to know if my downloads anre working or not.

Brian Sackrider

On 7/9/2016 1:00 PM, Richard Turner wrote:
I just joined this group.
I am primarily a Window-Eyes user.
I’d like to learn to use NVDA more efficiently.
Is there a way to have NVDA speak the number of unread messages in a given
folder? Maybe an addon?

I’ve not found anything yet.


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