Re: how do you access screen notifications with NVDA?

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The other thing you can do if you have notifications you have missed, is press WINDOWS+A to open the action centre where you can review any that have come up previously.



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Thanks Marcio,

I will try these commands next time I get a notification.  I do not know which version of windows ten home addition I have, however, I do my best to keep it up to date.





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How does one access the notifications that suddenly flash on the screen asking you to do something, like to check a setting, or to do an update or to check some application suggestions, etc…?

If you're using 1809 or above, shift+Windows+V. Otherwise, Windows+V.

I think in windows seven it used to be called hot balloons.

In Windows 10, they're called "Toast Notifications", if I'm not going wrong on this.


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