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Richard Wells

On XP, it's sndvol32. And this is off topic, so I'll shut up now.

On 5/26/2019 10:46 PM, zahra wrote:
SNDVOL does not work for me.
what should i tipe on windows xp?

On 5/27/19, zahra via Groups.Io <nasrinkhaksar3=gmail.com@groups.io> wrote:
On 5/27/19, Gene <gsasner@gmail.com> wrote:
I made an error in the last message. I said to use the command alt t to
if you have speech. The correct command is control t, as I correctly
when I gave it a second time. So again, control t is the command for
title bar.

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Not quite. What if the sound is muted, as or more likely than that the
volume has been changed.

Press and hold the Windows key. You must hold it. If you don't, you
open the start menu.
Type the letter r while holding the Windows key.
Now type sndvol and press enter.
Press home. That raises the volume to its highest level.
then use the command alt t to see if you have speech.
If not tab once.
You are on a check box which toggles mute off and on.
Press the space bar. Try control t again.
If there is no speech, press the space bar again to return the setting to
what it was originally.
If there is no sound after all this, you may need sighted help.

But this is a perfect illustration of why anyone who relies on sound for
speech and doesn't have a Braille display should have a USB sound card or
USb headphones for such situations. You can have speech if you simply
connect such a USB device.
After connecting it, you may have to unload and run NVDA again to have
speech switch to the USB device.

You can then go in to sound settings and check the settings for the
card to see what the problem is, assuming, of course, that the problem is
related to sound card settings and isn't an NVDA or other probem.

If it is an NVDA or other proboem, you won't have speech whatever sound
you use.

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But, what if you don't have sound to start with?

Well, as long as you know all the keyboard keys and its positions,
specifically the letters (which you will know if you're using your
for a reasonable short time), it's no biggie.
Press Windows+R, type SNDVOL and press page up a few times. It's as
as that.

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hi gene. do you mean nvda tab for reading title bar?

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