Re: Getting your Windows Version


On Mon, May 27, 2019 at 01:21 PM, Joseph Lee wrote:
As for version text announced as dates: this is due to speech synthesizer in use.
Thanks.   I know that it's impossible, given the number of synths and the different choices they make, for this to be consistent - but I often forget that it's not.

I also think that Antony's idea is definitely worthy of consideration, and not just for NVDA.  I'd really love it if most of my software were to report it's own name and version number followed by, "running under," the OS in question and its version number/build number (whatever's appropriate) as well.   Anyone assisting on technical issues generally needs to have both and while I'd not expect the version information for any application software to be presented via an OS version function, the reverse is not true.

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