Has anyone else noticed a change in the behavior of Focus Highlight?


Or, perhaps more accurately, have your sighted assistant(s), as we're the ones that rely on this add-on.  It could be an NVDA change, too

Up until very recently, virtually everything generally defaulted to being in browse mode when I opened it, generally with the "thick red line" which indicates that you're in browse mode and the navigator object and focus object are one and the same.  This was particularly true when I landed on File Explorer (as a whole) and items in the list which I display using Details View.  It was also generally true in many other places.

For the last few days, everything seems to be opening in focus mode that used to be opening in browse mode, and what's weirder is I can't get the mode to toggle.  I was trying to play with doing a multi-file select with individual files in File Explorer, and could not get NVDA+space to shift me back to focus mode so I could select, move along then CTRL+select (spacebar), etc.

Even the buttons in dialogs are shown as being in focus mode when I land on them, e.g., the Winver Close button.

I am running Windows 10, Version 1809, Build 17763.529  and NVDA 2019.1.1 and Focus Highlight 6.0.  This is really peculiar, and definitely not what I've been used to.

Brian - Windows 10 Pro, 64-Bit, Version 1809, Build 17763  

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