Re: nvdaremote on a windows vps

luke scholey

I didn’t use, I just had the local server host the remote service. I’d need a few more details, your set up of firewalls for example, if you wanted any further help with this. If nobody else has any comments you could email me off list so we’re not cluttering it up.


On 28 May 2019, at 17:41, mattias <> wrote:

luke if you have it working

how do you do?

i have do as follow

as host in both win10 and server 2016:

and set a key

try to connect from win10 to and entered my key

and press f12 to send keys to the vps


Den 2019-05-28 kl. 18:27, skrev luke scholey:
Yes, works perfectly

On 28 May 2019, at 17:24, mattias <> wrote:

have anyone get nvdaremote to work on a vps?

e.g from a windows 10 machine


you have a vps with windows server 2016

you install nvda with the nvdaremote addon

and you connect to it with the windows 10 computer with nvda

good luck to do it annyway

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