Re: OpenOffice or LibreOffice

Quentin Christensen

I looked into this last year. How to Geek has a good comparison

Basically LibreOffice has been more frequently updated and has a
slightly more "classic" (Say Microsoft Office pre the ribbon) look and
Open Office has a few more side bar options.

In terms of accessibility I'm not sure which is ahead though being
updated more often, if you encounter a problem, it might be easier to
get it addressed in LIbreOffice.

Note that there is also Open365, an online office suite based on

Essentially it looks similar to LibreOffice but runs in a browser. As
you can probably guess..... steer clear of that one ;) I tried it a
month or so ago and while I could get around the system tray
component, the actual say word processor was unusable. Even aside
from accessibility issues (which were enough to nix it on their own -
it was sooo slow! I couldn't put up with it on that basis alone
either. I'm on ADSL 2 and while I wouldn't boast it to be the best
connection in the world, it's not THAT bad that it should have made
that much difference.

Kind regards


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On 11 July 2016 at 04:55, mk360 <> wrote:

I know that it was asked before, but versions are updated regularly and
well, now I'm searching for the option... apparently LO is the best, but I
don't know...

So, any info will be apreciated... note that I can install LO and OO
simultanously, so if you can say what is the best for what option...



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