Re: Nvda and Language Esperanto


Hi all,

I have just found out where is the problem:

When I selected the Pronuncation of the punctuation, Espeak said English.

Is it possible to read text in Esperanto, but not the keys.


Dne 02.06.2019 v 13:51 Devin Prater napsal(a):
NVDA would need to be translated into Esperanto, along with its punctuation pronounciation file.

On Jun 2, 2019, at 6:48 AM, Jarek.Krcmar <Jarek.Krcmar@...> wrote:

Hi gene, I am afraid, that I don't understand you.

If I have set the language Esperanto, Espeak says the whole addressar so:

Uzivatel backlash, appdata backslash, roaming backlash, nvda backlash, voice backlash, espeak backslash, dic.

I would like to hear Espeak saying in Esperanto.


Dne 01.06.2019 v 23:51 Gene napsal(a):
If reading of punctuation isn't done properly, you can use the speech dictionary to manually enter the words you want to hear.  That may be enough information, but if you have questions about using the speech dictionary, ask here. 

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