Re: Question regarding browse mode and object mode using web browser


When you work with a document, such as in a word processor, there is a cursor you use to move around the page.  Browsers don't have cursors, except in edit fields.  So browse mode creates a virtual cursor so you can move around the page as though there were a real one.  You can thus use all standard Windows movement commands for documents, move by line, by word, use read to end, etc.  You can use quick navigation commands as well, such as move by heading but those are features, not the actual reason for the virtual PC cursor.
When you want to do certain things, such as write in an edit field, you need to either manually turn browse mode off, or have NVDA set to automatically turn it off, which is the default.  That's because when you are in forms mode, you aren't dealing directly with the page.  It is reformatted by browse mode for logical reading with a screen-reader.  If it weren't reformated, you might hear things like links that run along the sides of a lot of pages being read along with the text you want to hear.  Browse mode puts those links either at the top of the page or at the bottom.  The links along the left side of the actual page are placed at the top, and the ones to the right are placed at the bottom.

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Hello friends,
I have a question regarding browse mode and object mode using  web browser
In website  its command is insert plus space
Can anyone explain about it why we use this command in web browser?

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