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Many years ago, when I did presentations to Army Commanders, I used Microsoft Word to prepare my slides and provided print copies when it was a small group.  In a large group, I used a projector to give the presentation.  As Brian said, the info is what my Commanders were interested in and paid attention to not the graphic enhancements.  So if there is a way to present the info with PowerPoint that overcome the technical hurdles, that is what matters.     



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On Wed, Jun 5, 2019 at 04:11 AM, Azra Tayebi wrote:

I guess the thing you said about the special view must be the problem. I will try to find that out.

And you need not use the actual slide show, it just makes the presentation more attractive and with zero visual clutter outside the slide itself.  But, if you're the presenter and you need that input that cannot be obtained in slide show mode, the audience can certainly deal with seeing the slides down the edge of the screen other than the one you're presenting at the moment, etc.  This is a case where style definitely doesn't take precedence over substance, which the presenter needs to present and which the audience is there to absorb.

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