locked Re: Reading past the visible screen on a CMD Window?

Tony Malykh


As others have said, the best option would probably be to redirect your output into a file and then open that file in the editor of your choice. Since you mentioned you're working over ssh, you would need to somehow copy that file over to your local computer. The way I have solved this problem is I had to mount the file system of my ssh server locally using SSHFS, or alternatively you can use SMB, and then you can open files directly from your remote server. It requires some effort to configure network file system, but in the end it's probably the only convenient solution.


On 6/4/2019 6:49 AM, Brandon Keith Biggs wrote:
Does anyone know how to read past the visible screen or scroll windows CMD windows either using NVDA key commands, an addon, or some command in Windows?
Normally I select all by going to the system menu and copy the whole buffer to the clipboard.
I am currently using an SSH session in the Ubuntu emulator by Windows, and the system menu is not there. I'm doing NodeJS development over SSH and I really need to scroll past the visible window to read the start of the error.
Does anyone know how to do this?
Thank you,

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