Re: NVDA and file explorer

Luke Davis

On Thu, 6 Jun 2019, Laz wrote:

* I tried the above directions to run NVDA without add-ons and all it
did was unload NVDA and nothing else. What's the correct keyboard
command to start NVDA without also loading the add-ons?
There isn't one.

The most rapid way to do it, is to press windows+r, and type the following (careful of your punctuation and spacing):

nvda -r --disable-addons

Press enter, and a moment later you will be running without addons.

Another way is to press NVDA+ctrl+g, and tab to "show exit options". Check that box. You might want to also make sure "Save configuration on exit" isn't checked, so that the other setting doesn't become permanent. Then press OK, followed by NVDA+Q as in the original instructions.


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