Re: Moving between worksheets in XL

Sylvie Duchateau

Hello Sile,

I use a macbook pro with an installation of Windows 10 via Bootcamp.

When I type fn+ctrl+up or down arrow to switch between sheets in Excel, it works.

I press ctrl+fn, keep them pressed, then I press down or up arrow, keep ctrl+fn pressed, and when I have finished pressing down or up arrow, I stop pressing ctrl+fn.

You can also access the list of sheets with NVDA in pressing nvda+F7.

Press alt+s to select the list of sheets, then tab to get to the list.

You can press up and down arrow to read the list of your sheets.

Press enter to move to the sheet you want to reach.

May be you can also try to enable sticky keys.

I have an add-on that does this, but may be you can try typing five times on shift to enable this. Answer Yes when windows asks you if you want to enable this.

Then, you can press ctrl, then press fn+down or up arrow and it may work. You don't have to press ctrl+fn+up or down arrow together.

I hope my expllanations are clear enough, otherwise donot hesitate to ask.



Le 06/06/2019 à 22:43, Sile via Groups.Io a écrit :

Correction, the NVDA microsoft tutorial says that:

ctrl-page up goes back to the previous worksheet and ctrl-page down goes to the next worksheet.

But this still means that fnKey plus ctrl plus up arrow should in theory move back to the previous worksheet in my configuration (see below) and fnKey plus ctrl plus page down should go to the next worksheet?



OK, so I have an unusual constallation of issues and am wondering if anyone has an answer.

I am trying to figure out how to move between worksheets in XL But ...

1) I am running windows 10 under bootcamp on a mac laptop

2)  If I look up bootcamp, it says that page up/down are accomplished on a laptop running bootcamp by using fnKey-uparrow (page up) and fnKey-downarrow (page down)

This works in word, notepad, etc.

The microsoft XL tutorial for NVDA says that I can move between worksheets by using ctrl plus uparrow (laptop) to go back to the previous worksheet and CTRL plus down arrow to move to the next worksheet.

You might think then that pressing the fnKey plus control plus up arrow would allow me to move to the previous worksheet and fnKey plus ctrl plus down arrow would allow me to go to the next worksheet?

But this doesn't seem to work.

Any bootcamp users out there who might be able to help?



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