Re: Asking a few NVDA questions.

Ron Kolesar

That’s what I’ve been asking myself.
Any thoughts on solving this issue?
It also would help when I get the programs I need for the flight simulator as well, since the newer flight sim won’t work with the other screen reader.
So, this is why I’m trying to learn NVDA.
So any and all help will be deeply appreciated.
Especially if we could get rid of all of the tables, columns and rolls so we just see what we would like or need to see.
Many thanks.
Ron who’s a still new NVDA user.

From: Marcio via Groups.Io
Sent: Friday, June 7, 2019 00:53
Subject: Re: [nvda] Asking a few NVDA questions.
Is there a way to remove all of this extra information so that you only see what you need or want to see, without all of the info on the tables and columns and rows?
CTRL+NVDA+D should do the trick. You can play with the checkboxes there, checking and unchecking them according to your liking.

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