Re: Moving between worksheets in XL

Sarah k Alawami

Has this ben reported on github? If now, bryan maybe you could do it and submit logs.

Good luck.

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On 7 Jun 2019, at 7:24, Brian Vogel wrote:

On Fri, Jun 7, 2019 at 08:11 AM, Jason White wrote:
The Excel documentation indicates that there should be a list of tabs containing the worksheets available by typing F6 while focused on the cell grid. In current Excel (installed via Office 365), however, this didn't work for me: when I pressed F6, the focus remained on the cell grid. Pressing F6 a second time moved to the status bar.
This is one of those cases where "order of precedence" of processing of keystrokes is coming into play, combined with lack of announcement (at least for me, in Excel 2016) of focus having been shifted.

If I'm in a worksheet cell, and hit F6, focus does shift down to the worksheet tab, but that's not announced.  Without a screen reader on, you can then right/left arrow, to shift to the next/previous sheet and hit Enter to throw focus into that sheet, but with a screen reader on it captures the left and right arrow keys (and for what purpose at this moment I don't know, as they do nothing).  If you hit the NVDA pass through command, NVDA+F2, before left or right arrowing you will have focus on the tab for the next/previous worksheet, but you must hit enter to actually pull the worksheet itself into focus.  And I only get the announcement of the worksheet (it says table) name once I hit enter.  NVDA is silent while you're left/right arrowing (using pass through each time you need to do that lateral movement) so you need to have some idea of the workbook structure to begin with.

If I overshoot into the status bar where it starts talking about macros, I cannot simply SHIFT+F6 to get back to the worksheet navigation and have it work.  I must get back into a cell of the worksheet and hit F6 to start the "silent navigation" process of the worksheet tabs row, using pass through for each left/right arrow use.

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