Re: Nvda with cmd

Felix G.

Have you tried doing your work in the Windows Power Shell rather than
the standard command prompt? I'm told this is a different kind of
console. Maybe it behaves better.

Am So., 9. Juni 2019 um 14:18 Uhr schrieb farhan israk

Thank you. I don't want to turn off type word and character. Isn't there any other way to stop it?

On Sun, 9 Jun 2019, 5:42 pm Felix G., <constantlyvariable@...> wrote:

confirmed. When keyboard and word echo are off, the extra speech goes away.
Background: NVDA cannot hook keypresses in the console, so in order to
provide keyboard echo, it watches for characters appearing on the
trails of the cursor. To put it simply, NVDA is mistaking output for
input. It tends to happen less on fast machines.

Am So., 9. Juni 2019 um 11:44 Uhr schrieb Robert Mendoza


Apologize its NVDA plus 2

and/ or NVDA plus 3

On 6/9/2019 5:42 PM, Robert Mendoza via Groups.Io wrote:


You need to disable the speak of the character and words

by pressing NVDA plus 1, or

NVDA plus 2

On 6/9/2019 1:19 PM, farhan israk wrote:

How to stop nvda spelling output of cmd automatically?

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