Re: NVDA doing something different for unlabeled graphics

Greg Wocher

This has nothing to do with NVDA. It has something to do with chromium based browsers. I see this with JAWS and NVDA in the development version of edge based on chromium as well. 

Greg Wocher

On Jun 9, 2019, at 3:32 PM, Dan Beaver <dbeaver888@...> wrote:

Over the past few days NVDA has started doing something different than it had done in the past.  When I come to an unlabeled graphic on a webpage it says "to get image description open the context menu".

I have opened the settings menu for the Brave browser and I have also opened the system context menu and have looked through every setting I can find in NVDA.  I can't find any way to stop this irritating announcement.  What happened to it just saying graphic for unlabeled graphics?

Thanks for any info that anyone has.

Dan Beaver (KA4DAN)

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