Re: Nvda and setting of Ccleaner


No problem.

When I had the avast issue, and the access issues piriform support suggested the portable as an option while they fix bugs.

What I like is  bar all the configurations, my settings stay and I can keep it with me.

On every system I work on, my settings are the same and the user who needs to run it can only run 1 simple command and its all ok.

For me, the inaccessible parts while a showstopper for using the program can easily be bypassed to the point I can just set and get rid of it all.

Its not like you need to access the inaccessible pannels more than once or twiice unless there is a new program and all you then do is scroll down to that program or set of programs and hit space on each setting you want to change.

That setting will appear in the ini file and you can adjust it accordingly.

Languages obviously have to do with codepages or something not sure how it works.

However just about every other setting will have 0 or 1 as the option, off or on.

It can be a drag at times but at least its easier doing it this way.

On 11/06/2019 1:33 AM, Jarek.Krcmar wrote:
Hi Shaun,

thank you for the portable version of Ccleaner.

It works very well.


Dne 10.06.2019 v 11:51 Shaun Everiss napsal(a):

Uninstall ccleaner.

Then take this build.

You will need to enable user account control in options, and the shortcuts however that should work.

You will get a fully configured copy to to use on your portables.

This is how I run ccleaner right now.

For the rest, if you want this you can, jarek I'll keep it up for a day, will till I wake up tomorrow at least, maybe I will get rid of it tomorrow night.

For everyone else, don't bother with this version, the ini file I have allready released should be the same for this version basically anyway.

Jarek let me know how it goes.

It should be in the language, for those that want a different language and think it worth while, I can set the language and have a version so you guys can edit it I guess but this is just easier than troubleshooting ccleaner's weird inaccessible partly usable iinterface.

On 10/06/2019 7:57 PM, Jarek.Krcmar wrote:
Hi Shaun,

a problem is, that I can't find settings.

When I press tab and then button Options, Nvda does not see the settings.

I use in Ccleaner only the keys Tab, arrows, enter.


Dne 10.06.2019 v 1:11 Shaun Everiss napsal(a):
options/ settings/ then choose the language you want.

After all the avast noncence and other junk I started using a portable ccleaner with an ini with my settings as the main interface checkboxes are just not accessible but it still works.

Of large annoyance to me easyclean is still not accessible and on every update check the ini file is altaed to turn a load of updater settings and other things I have no use on though software update is nice  to know what needs me to update it.

If anyone needs it I can give them my own custom ini which has most options I like checked, but sadly you will have to continuously adjust it every update run or so because the program likes to turn things on for no reason I can see.

Worse still, its impossible to turn some of these things off in settings, buttons for easycleaner are passed over and thats still a big deal to me.

The reasons I don't just quit cc is I really still like the interface and once its configured right its fine.

The ini options are easily understandable and layed out to.

You do need to enable user account control and the ccleaner shortcuts right click context menu in options/advanced  and options/settings but thats about that.

You also need to clear a few cooky and other settings in the ini file but once done its easy enough.

If you have anything new you load and have noticed different options, hit space on the unknown ones and they will appear in the ini file and then you can modify them accordingly.

There are massive ini files about to clean a lot of things but the ccleaner engine just doesn't like massive ini files and will become bogged quickly.

If you do use a massive ini file, like ccleaner enhanced, copy out what you use and just don't do much else.

On 10/06/2019 2:16 AM, Jarek.Krcmar wrote:
Hi all,

I have downloaded and installed Ccleaner, but I have found out a problem:

I would like to set the Czech language, set it seems to me, that Nvda doesn't see the languages in the options.

How do you work with the Ccleaner, you, who lives in the oder lands?

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