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Don H

In this case the method of hitting NVDA key space does it.


On 6/10/2019 7:09 PM, Gene wrote:

When you are on such a link, try the following two things.  I think it may be more likely that the one I'll describe will work first than the one I will describe second.
Some links are specified to only work with the mouse.  For those, if you do the following, you may be able to follow them:
When you are on the link, route the virtual mouse to the link with the command NVDA key numpad slash.  Numpad Slash is the left click key in NVDA and you are using the NVDA key with it to route the mouse.  Hold the NVDA key and while doing so, press numpad slash.  See if the link is followed.  I gave the left click command for the desktop layout.  I don't use the laptop layout. 
The second thing to try is to be on the link, then turn on forms mode with NVDA key space.  Try pressing enter on the link.  After doing so, turn browse mode back on with NVDA key space again.  When you go into forms mode, before pressing enter, see if you are on the correct link by shift tabbing, then tabbing to see if you are in the right place.  At times, browse mode doesn't line up properly with forms mode.
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From: Don H
Sent: Monday, June 10, 2019 6:10 PM
Subject: [nvda] links

Running NVDA 2019.2 beta 1 on a Win 10 1903 system.

On certain web pages there are links that I can not activate.  I hit
enter on them, I hit space bar on them and nothing happens.  I get
sighted help and they can both activate them with a physical mouse or by
using the touch screen.

Are there other ways to activate a link?

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