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Luke Davis

Gene, I agree, generally, with this and a few of your other long standing best-practices-should-be-default arguments. Have you ever filed issues for any of this, so they would be in a place where the developers might be in a position to see and comment on them?


On Mon, 10 Jun 2019, Gene wrote:

You should always be in object navigation mode when you aren't specifically using another mode.  If you aren't, you may have problems that seem unrelated
but they are.  I have long maintained that NVDA should automatically switch to object navigation when the user leaves the window where he is using another
mode to avoid such problems.  But no matter that this list has seen problems solved by telling people to use Object Navigation Mode, and that that is the
intended mode to be used in general, what I've suggested has made no difference.  People don't realize they shouldn't stay in screen navigation mode and
have problems.  Who knows how many people have problems and aren't on a list like this where they can find out why.

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