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NVDA is causing the control key to get stuck on.  Try pressing one control key many times and see if that stops the problem.  If one doesn't work, try the other.  You might just try pressing each one five or ten times unless you find that pressing one works consistently.  I say that control is getting stuck because if you issue the command NVDA key control t, the Braille tethering command will result.
A number of other people have reported this problem so it is not just a very minor problem on one system.

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I’ve been noticing with the last couple of updates there’s been a weird glitch somewhere.  That’s the only  reason I can think of that NVDA’s doing what it does.  Sometimes, I can’t read the title bar or navigate using the review cursor.  When I do nvda+t, it says something about braille tethering.  Sometimes it resolves itself and other times I have to restart nvda to get it to quit.  I always check my numlock to make sure it’s off.  Doesn’t seem to make any difference.  Anybody know of any tips or tricks?





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