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          First let me say that your presumption about the expense of Microsoft Office is incorrect these days if you're willing to purchase a recycled license.  Changes in law in the European Union resulted in Microsoft no longer being able to tie Office or Windows single-user licenses to a single specific machine.  So, as machines are being decommissioned a cottage industry has sprung up reselling the licenses from these machines, which is entirely legal.  I have installed Microsoft Office 2016 Pro Plus on six different computers using recycled licenses acquired via eBay, all of which cost $10 or less.  There are also licenses available for Office 365 as well.

           I believe one of our group regulars, Gene NZ, has a number of NVDA tutorials, for using it with Office and other things, on his website, specifically on this page:  Links to additional outside resources are also given on that page.

           NVAccess, the creator of NVDA, has multiple tutorials available from:
There is definitely a book dedicated to MS-Word.



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