Re: Accessible Apps for Writers, Learning NVDA

Bob Cole

Thanks for this information!

You mentioned the European Union. I'm actually in California, USA. Did I join the wrong list? Is license recycling also legal here in the USA?

Thank you for the correction, too. I've been away from the PC / Laptop World for several years now.

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On Jun 18, 2019, at 10:56 AM, "Bob Cole via Groups.Io" < target=_blank>> wrote:
Hello, everyone.

I hope it's all right that this is a two-part question.

I'm finally taking some steps to become a more in-depth screen reader user, and I have NVDA installed and ready on my laptop.

I'm trying to get back into writing because it is something I've always enjoyed. I can't afford Microsoft Office. Which free, and even open source apps are the most accessible for this purpose?

Also, where can I find beginner to advanced training materials to learn NVDA in-depth?

Thank you for your help!

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