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JM Casey


The last time I checked, for some reason, NVDA would not read the menu bars correctly in OpenOffice. It was kind of usable, but not that convenient. By contrast, Open Office writer at least works pretty great with the shark, but Libra seems to work best with nVDA.


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How about open office. I have not used that app since 2010 on the mac, but will that also work? Will that work for pc users?

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On 18 Jun 2019, at 13:07, JM Casey wrote:

Libre Office may not have had as much accessibility focus as MS’s Office, but the writer application is certainly very usable with NVDA.


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Subject: Re: [nvda] Accessible Apps for Writers, Learning NVDA


Awesome! Thank you for that information!

I'm definitely going to check into that. As an extension  though, do you know if there are any other accessible applications for writers? I know of LibreOffice, but like I said, it's literally been years since I've been on the Windows side.

I've been a magnification user all of my life so far, what magnification it's really not an option for me when it comes to my laptop. It seems like my vision isn't as good as it used to be. So I'm trying to learn a new way of life.

I really appreciate all of your input.

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           The laws were changed in the EU, but the licenses can be resold to anyone, anywhere.  I was just trying to give a bit of the history of the relatively new recycled license market.

           There's one eBay seller at the moment who's got recycled Microsoft Office 2016 Pro Plus up for $1.90, and plenty more well under $10.  I gambled with a number of the ones I bought, since losing under $5 if it didn't work and the seller disappeared (by the way, which never happened - I had trouble with one license key and was issued an alternate) was no real loss.


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