Re: Alpine and Pico

Luke Davis

On Tue, 18 Jun 2019, Christopher Gray wrote:

I use two fairly old pieces of software: the Alpine email client; the Pico text
editor. Unfortunately, I don't seem to be able to get this software to work
with NVDA. It only shows a blank screen for me.
Firstly, please clarify: are you using these by installing them on your windows machine, or using them by remote connection (ssh, telnet, etc.) to some Linux/FreeBSD/similar machine?
There is even some kind of web version of alpine that you might be using.

I use alpine every day, and nano which is a more advanced version of the really ancient pico that you are talking about, but not their windows versions.

If you are using versions of these installed on your windows system, can you tell us where you are getting them (with exact download links if possible), so we can test out the exact software you are using?

Pico is particularly portable and I'm betting that the two programs have the
same screen issues since they were written by the same source. I haven't
I'm not sure what you mean by portable in this context, unless you are just talking about the fact that it's a single executable. If that is what you mean, I suggest you don't be sending that to anyone. Who knows what viruses/worms your computer might have, and many email providers (gmail, for example) won't let you send executables anyway.
better to provide download links as I suggested above.


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