Question about NVDA Beta Version


I'm thinking about going back to the NVDA Beta Version. Currently, I'm on the "official" channel.

Before I can think more about it I have a question.
I was reading this edition of NVDA In Process and I just noticed something that I haven't noticed before.
If you install the beta version, when the final NVDA 2019.2 comes out, it will update to that version automatically. In the lead up to NVDA 2019.3, you will need to manually download a new beta once one is released, if you wish.
Does it mean then that starting with NVDA Beta 2019.3 I won't get automatic updates anymore?

Sorry for asking it now but I really haven't noticed this detail before and today the question just came up.

I'll love to be an NVDA Beta user again :) just don't feel like downloading a new version all the time. It would be way better if it could update by itself as it is with all the other versions.

Marcio AKA Starboy

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