Re: A bit of soundcard trouble


Not really.

Its windows itself, switching default cards can be done but its a pain in the rear so I hardly do it actively.

Worse still if you switch away with nvda it may just screw up till you restart it and I have always switched back.

What I would tend to do if at all possible is make the internal card the default and switch applications as needed.

Its a pain but it probably works better.

The other way is to switch everything to the card in general bar nvda, and then switch nvda back to the card before you unplug it and it should in theory work.

Or set the external to the default card, and in theory it should switch back through.

On 20/06/2019 8:54 PM, Anne G√ľnther wrote:
I'm using an usb-soundcard for work regularly, but don't want to send the nvda speech through that.
So I set the soundcard for that to the inbuild one of my laptop instead of "soundmapper". But when I puthe usb-card in, the speech is routed through it. I have to open the option dialogue for the speec engine and confirm that (the soundcard is still like I set it), then it works as intended.
Kind of the same when I remove the Usb-card. No speech until I reconfirmed the dialogue.
Is it me, or is it nvda? :-) And is there a way to prevent it?
take care, Guenni

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