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Jonathan COHN




The comma key moves me past the first container list, region, table and perhaps Group ) are all defined to be skipped.

The less than sign will move up in much the same way to the beginning of the list or table.



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Date: Thursday, June 20, 2019 at 12:15 PM
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Subject: [nvda] Skipping Lists


Hi guys,
So, suppose I'm on a list of 100 items. Well, it's not always that one has the patience to go through the 100 items, isn't it? That's specially true if this is about me :)
Hence my question: is there any way of skiping a list and keep reading what's after it?
I mean, I could skip it using K or any other similar command but then it would only work if there were a matching element for this command (for example a link).
So, if I only want to skip the list, is there any specific command for this purpose?

For clarification: if I'm on an embedded object, if I use the command NVDA+CTRL+Space I'll be out of it. So I thought there could have a command like this one for lists.

Thanks a lot.


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