locked For resident BrailleNote users: a modernized BrailleNote Users forum is ready to welcome you on Groups.IO


Hi all,


Before I continue, I would like to request that you contact me privately should you have any questions about the following group (permission granted by list owner):


Those of you using BrailleNote from HumanWare (Classic, PK, mPower, Apex, Touch, and Touch Plus) may have heard of a list called BrailleNote Users (BNU for short). Until a few days ago this forum was hosted on Freelists. After consulting members of that list, I (the BrailleNote Users forum creator and list admin) decided to move that forum to Groups.IO, similar to what happened to the current NVDA list several years ago. Compared to 2012 when the Freelists forum began, the Groups.IO forum (which has just launched) simplifies the subscription process, actively monitored and moderated by Humanware people, and most importantly, led by a world-renown expert on BrailleNote and NVDA (yours truly); so in a sense, you’ll get the best of both NVDA and BrailleNote worlds.


To subscribe, send an email to braillenote+subscribe@groups.io.


Again if you have any questions, please contact me directly. Thank you.



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