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It probably isn't just a question of working with NVDA.  It is probably some sort of incorrect coding.  But is there something usually at the end of lists that you can search for?  I don't have my screen-reader identify any structures but links.  I consider it distracting clutter and a slight waste of time because of extra verbiage.  So I don't know generally what is in lists.  but do lists generally contain actual lists, such as of items?  If so, if you search for a word like and or the, would that take you out of a list in general and somewhere near the beginning of straight text?  I used the Internet before screen-readers identified all these structures and I still consider it important for blind users to find other ways to do things so they can use structures when they work reliably but they aren't overly dependent on them if they aren't there.  Unfortunately, teaching materials and instruction don't teach this way.  It is far better not to rely on the kindness of strangers with no good alternatives, if available. 

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Can we see the article in question?
Well, actually it happened while I was reading several articles. When I was trying the last, just now, to send to you as an example, the command worked. Go figure!
Maybe certain pages aren't optimized enough to work with NVDA. I should've thought :)

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