Re: Skipping Lists


Gene and Felix,

Felix wrote:
If the thing you'd like to skip is a block of links then n is the correct command, and if it's a container object such as a list or table you'd like to skip out of then the comma is the right way.
Actually I never know which command I should use because I don't quite understand what would be considered a block of links.
Is this somethhing like several links in the same line?

I find it's often a good idea to contact a website owner if their markup is wrong, and they are mostly willing to correct it as it tends to solve subtle problems not even connected to accessibility.
Hmmm, something to consider. I'll try it next time something like that happens.

Gene wrote:
is there something usually at the end of lists that you can search for?
Probably there is, but I've never tried it yet. Sounds like a nice workaround :)

Marcio AKA Starboy

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