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how do you  asign keystroke mannually
From the userguide:

11.2.3. Input Gestures

In this dialog, you can customize the input gestures (keys on the keyboard, buttons on a braille display, etc.) for NVDA commands.
Only commands that are applicable immediately before the dialog is opened are shown. For example, if you want to customize commands related to browse mode, you should open the Input Gestures dialog while you are in browse mode.
The tree in this dialog lists all of the applicable NVDA commands grouped by category. You can filter them by entering one or more words from the command's name into the Filter by edit box in any order. Any gestures associated with a command are listed beneath the command.
To add an input gesture to a command, select the command and press the Add button. Then, perform the input gesture you wish to associate; e.g. press a key on the keyboard or a button on a braille display. Often, a gesture can be interpreted in more than one way. For example, if you pressed a key on the keyboard, you may wish it to be specific to the current keyboard layout (e.g. desktop or laptop) or you may wish it to apply for all layouts. In this case, a menu will appear allowing you to select the desired option.
To remove a gesture from a command, select the gesture and press the Remove button.
When you are finished making changes, press the OK button to save them or the Cancel button to discard them.

If you need more help with it please let me know :)

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