Somehow I missed this: NVDA reads Kindle books!

Clarissa Mitchell

Hello all. I just wanted to write to say that only today I discovered
NVDA's ability to read Kindle books! :) I've been using NVDA for quite
a while now, as well as the Kindle app for PC, so I'm not sure how I
missed this, as it apparently started with version 2017.1. The only
thing I can think of is not using Kindle for some time. The last time
I used the Kindle app, I had the old version of it installed, you
know, the one where you had to get a special version with the
accessibility plugin added? Then I found out Amazon had a new version
of Kindle for PC that didn't require a special accessibility plugin.
Today I finally re-installed Kindle on my computer, and somehow I
discovered that NVDA could actually read the book, without my needing
to turn on the text to speech feature! This is way cool! :) Wondering
when this was added to NVDA, I looked it up and found this page:

Thanks NV Access! I think now I'll be buying more Kindle books!

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