Re: Somehow I missed this: NVDA reads Kindle books!

Sarah k Alawami

Well, next time I want to study for law via the power book I was reading on kindle in 2017 I'll know it will be more accessible, or at least more accessible by what ever time that is, or if I have to study somethingn for a job etc.

This is good good news, and it could only get better with nvda eh?

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On 22 Jun 2019, at 14:06, Danni wrote:

another site that offers discounted and often free books for kindle as well as other options is

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All Amazon apps are free, including Kindle, whether it is for PC, your phone, or something else.
The books, however, usually aren't free, although there are often promotions where you can get free or discounted Kindle books (, for example, will email you every day with some of these).


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