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Fred <kc9nnfch@...>

So far I don’t have luck at getting on the internet and knowing where I am.

I will have my Grandson check on that for me.

He is very good with computers.

Could I get Outlook without getting Microsoft Office?

Thanks much for your reply.


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On Sun, Jun 23, 2019 at 12:37 PM, Chris Mullins wrote:

You are using the Windows 10 Mail app linked to a gmail account, so you do not mecessarily need to learn gmail commands, as you can already send and receive email.

I missed that little detail, and you are correct.

But, and this is strictly my personal opinion based on my experience tutoring individuals learning to use screen readers, I would not use the Windows 10 Mail App as my e-mail client, either.   There are just too many things that most e-mail clients do, and have done for ages, that are either inconvenient or not possible with the Win10 Mail App.

Thunderbird is accessible as is Microsoft Outlook, and Outlook is and always has been the best supported e-mail client for screen readers.  Given that you can get recycled Office licenses on eBay for under $10 it's a good investment in one's own sanity (not to mention it's nice to have a recent version of all of the Office suite programs).


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