Re: where is user config for add-ins?

Dan Beaver

Nope, I am running an installed NVDA.  I don't use portable versions.

Thanks though,

Dan Beaver

On 3/10/2016 5:08 PM, Roger Stewart wrote:
This seems to only work for an installed version of nvda. If you are just running a portable copy on a machine which doesn't have nvda installed, then you'll need to use the longer way to install.


On 3/10/2016 3:46 PM, Brian Vogel wrote:


         I've followed either of the installation instruction techniques noted at the beginning of the NVDA Community Add-Ons Website.  The second paragraph on that page gives a pretty clear set of steps for both techniques.  You have to download the add-in and save it to a location of your choice as the first step.  If you want to use the NVDA Add-Ons Manager that's under the NVDA Context Menu, Tools, Manage Add-Ons.  If you want to use the "select and hit return" that simply requires NVDA to be running once you have the add-on file selected and hit return to install it NVDA starts asking the questions from there.  I find the latter method preferable.

         I have never had to concern myself with where the add-on file that I download is located before installing it.


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