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Control NVD r says configuration applied.  It means that if you changed something and didn't permanently save the changes, that your configuration will go back to the saved configuration.  If you are using NVDA with the default setting regarding this, every time you close NVDA, whatever settings are being used will be saved.
Let's say that you want to temporarily use a slower speech rate or a different voice.  You can change these settings, for example, and then use NVDA key control r to revert instantly to all the settings you were using before. 
The command to manually save the current configuration is NVDA key control c.  If you used that command, you would have heard configuration saved.  If you heard that, that is the command you used.  It saved the current settings being used.  if you hadn't changed any of them, nothing was changed, though you did save again what already was saved.

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accedentally i pressed control NVDA and r
i  got configuration saved
what does this mean

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