speech dictionary not being honored

Dan Beaver

I noticed that some words I have had in my default speech dictionary have stopped being spoken as I had defined.  I opened the dictionary and looked and the words are still there. 

I tried removing and reentering them, I tried entering multiple versions so that the case and surrounding wording would have no impact, and I even tried setting the "case sensitive", "whole word" and "anywhere" settings would help.

No luck, it appears that the speech dictionary settings are being ignored at this point.

I am using MS David as my synth and am using the latest master version of NVDA.

An example word is "moreover".  Try it and see if you can get your synth to pronounce it correctly.  It is very possible that this is a synth problem not necessarily an NVDA issue.  If it is a synth issue I have no idea how to fix this in the synth.

Any ideas appreciated.


Dan Beaver (KA4DAN)

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