Re: Drag and Drop with NVDA

Ralf Kefferpuetz

First of all you have to think  like a sighted person, means both windows you want to drag and drop must be visible on your screen. You mark the element on on the first screen, then you switch to the other screen focus your focus to where you want to drop the element and then hit the shortcut as described.

Again, the windows shouldn’t overlap, it all works as it does for sighted peopl.


When it comes to browser source and target windows this drag and drop method is not very reliable, for all screen readers around….





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Wow so this is as simple as that. Thanks, I really didn't know.

Now suppose it: I'm on one of these sites where you can share files by dragging and dropping them.
How can I drag the files to the other window, in this case, where I should drop it?


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