locked Re: The movie maker tool in windows 10 brief overview.


Hi robert

When you say you can add titles, are these title pages or text on the actual video?  I'll certainly have a good go with this app, so thanks for alerting me to it.


On 23/06/2019 17:06, Robert Kingett wrote:

I've been playing around with the new, windows 10, movie editing tool this morning and it is surprisingly extremely accessible, but the tool itself is extremely basic. You can add titles, add audio at certain points of the video file, and even add clipped backround music for the video. Even though the tool is very, very, very. basic. You can surely edit small video files. If you want to do more complex stuff, this is not the tool for you. All the sliders and buttons are labeled, which is really nice. I'll use this when I want to muck about with some quick editing. To find it, download the Microsoft Photos app, or just look for an app called, photos, in windows 10. Looks like you can only import video files at this stage, but still, I'm just amazed that Microsoft continues to think about accessibility, even if they miss a button here and there. I looked online for an official list of keyboard commands, but could not find any by Microsoft. I'm not sure if Microsoft is gonna make this tool an app soon, or what, but the tool does have keyboard commands. I can sometimes hear them when I am tabbing through the menus and buttons.

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