Re: speech dictionary not being honored


Try using the voice dictionary instead of the default dictionary.  That won't explain or solve the actual problem, but it may work around the problem.  You may want to try whatever word you want to add in the default dictionary first and use the voice dictionary if the entry doesn't work in the default dictionary.  But if you know you only will use this one voice, you may just want to use voice dictionary.  But since you never know if you might want to use another voice for some reason in the future, I think its better to try the default dictionary first for entries.

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From: Luke Davis
Sent: Monday, June 24, 2019 2:02 AM
Subject: Re: [nvda] speech dictionary not being honored

Testing with most recent alpha (17789,e03e6973), I can not replicate this. I
even downloaded the previous alpha (from Saturday), and still can't replicate
  Tried both with default and temporary dictionaries.
Tried with Espeak US British, MSAPI David Desktop, and One Core David.
Windows 10, 1903.

I replaced the word "moreover" with "more sideways" in the temporary dictionary,
and "more under" in the default dictionary.

It said "more sideways" until I deleted the entry from the temp dict, and then
started saying "more under".


On Sun, 23 Jun 2019, Dan Beaver wrote:

> I noticed that some words I have had in my default speech dictionary have stopped being spoken as I had defined.  I opened the dictionary and looked and the
> words are still there. 
> I tried removing and reentering them, I tried entering multiple versions so that the case and surrounding wording would have no impact, and I even tried
> setting the "case sensitive", "whole word" and "anywhere" settings would help.
> No luck, it appears that the speech dictionary settings are being ignored at this point.
> I am using MS David as my synth and am using the latest master version of NVDA.
> An example word is "moreover".  Try it and see if you can get your synth to pronounce it correctly.  It is very possible that this is a synth problem not
> necessarily an NVDA issue.  If it is a synth issue I have no idea how to fix this in the synth.

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