Re: Keystrokes from other screenreaders NVDA does not have

Ralf Kefferpuetz

Hi Quentin,


In Window-Eyes we had the hotkey control-insert-b to check the status of the progress bars in the focussed window. This was used very often, for example when copying large files.

NVDA doesn’t have such a feature, in NVDA you have to use object navigation to get the current percentage, or you have to wait until NVDA does its autoannouncement, if enabled.


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Subject: [nvda] Keystrokes from other screenreaders NVDA does not have


The discussion in the Drag and drop thread around the system tray has got me thinking:

- The NV Access philosophy is that if Windows includes functionality which is accessible, why re-invent the wheel

- Users who come from other screen readers get confused when they are encouraged to use the Windows keystrokes for functionality they are used to being provided by the screen reader.


I was going to mention the "Switching from Jaws to NVDA" document in that thread, but in reading it just now, I noted that it does NOT, in fact, include how to perform tasks such as access the system tray.


So, can anyone please give me examples of functionality that other screen readers provide (such as INSERT+F11 to access the system tray), that NVDA expects people to use the Windows keystroke (WINDOWS+B in the case of the system tray) for?


I'd like to collate them and update the relevant documents with them, and potentially even make a document all its own if needed.


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